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1 Year Anniversary Trading Competition

To celebrate its 1 year anniversary, BTCMEX invites users to take part in a Bitcoin Trading Competition with a pool prize of $100,000. Bitcoin traders from all around the world are welcome to join, with no country restrictions, no KYC, and the first 1,000 participants getting a special 50% Bonus upon their first deposit during the registration period.

No country restrictions


Special 50% Bonus

Registration time: July 24, 8p.m. (UTC) – August 24, 8 p.m. (UTC)
Competition time: August 24, 8p.m. (UTC) – September 7, 8p.m. (UTC)

All participants have a chance to win 3 kinds of prizes

Best Trader

for the best realized PNL

Biggest Trader

for the largest trading volume

Social Trader

for active promotion

All the prizes are real withdrawable money credited to the BTCMEX account in BTC or USDT.

Number of participantsTotal Prize1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize4th - 10th Prize
1,000 - 2,49925,00010,0005,0002,5001,071
2,500 - 4,99940,00016,0008,0004,0001,714
5,000 +75,00030,00015,0007,5003,214
Number of participantsTotal Prize1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize4th - 10th Prize
1,000 - 2,49910,0004,0002,0001,000428
2,500 - 4,99915,0006,0003,0001,500642
5,000 +24,0009,6004,8002,4001,028
Number of participantsTotal Prize1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize4th - 10th Prize
1,000 - 2,4995002001002521
2,500 - 4,9997503001507532
5,000 +1,00040020010042
Special Bonus Details

The first 1,000 Competition participants are eligible for the Anniversary Trading Bonus. 50% of their first deposit during registration time is given as a Trading Bonus which can be used to open positions, pay funding, and cover trading fees. The Bonus is given only upon the first deposit , up to 0.2 BTC, made during the Competition registration time. Depositing more will always give the maximum of 0.1 BTC.

Deposit 0.06 BTC
Get 0.03 in Bonus
Deposit 0.1 BTC
Get 0.05 in Bonus
Deposit 0.2 BTC
Get 0.1 in Bonus

The Anniversary Bonus is only given to users participating in the competition, even if they are already actively trading with other incentives, except the 0.1 BTC Trading Bonus on BTCMEX. New users who didn’t apply for any Bonuses before are welcome to contact Customer Support to get details of more trading benefits available on BTCMEX.

1. All registered participants for the BTCMEX 1 Year Anniversary Competition can apply.


2. The 50% Bonus is granted for making the first deposit during registration time.


3. There is no minimum deposit requirements, but please note that a minimum account balance of 0.01 BTC is necessary to participate in the competition.


4. The Bonus will only be sent for the first deposit during registration period and can only be claimed once per person.


5. The bonus on deposit is capped at 0.2 BTC for a 0.1 Bonus. Any larger deposit will receive the maximum of 0.1.


6. The Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but any profits can be withdrawn anytime without KYC.


7. The Bonus can be used to make trades, offset fees, and cover trading losses once the deposit is used up.


8. It is not recommended to withdraw your deposit as the Bonus will be proportionally forfeited.


9. Participants can only apply for the Bonus if they are not participating in the 0.1 Trading Bonus campaign.


10. Any malicious behavior, such as multi-account registrations, will result in the immediate forfeiture of the Bonus and any profits made from all accounts.

Traders can apply for the Trading Competition in three simple steps:


Step 1. Make a deposit of at least 0.01 BTC during the registration time (July 24, 8pm UTC – August 24, 8pm UTC).


Step 2. Retweet or share the Competition post (link) via your active social media account.


Step 3. Click “Apply” and leave your UID, email address, and URL to the shared post.

1. The contract for this Trading Competition is BTC/USD Perpetual Contract with up to 100x Leverage.


2. The minimum deposit requirement for the participation is 0.01 BTC.


3. Users who successfully sign up during the specified registration period can receive the additional Anniversary Trading Bonus. Each user can only receive one trading Bonus on their first deposit during the registration time.


4. An email will be sent out once you registration has been confirmed. If you have registered but have not received a confirmation after 1 working day, please contact Customer Support. Only user having received the registration email will be given the Anniversary Bonus for their deposits.


5. To be eligible for any prize for the Competition, registered users need to have traded more than twice and have a profit higher than 0%.


6. Both deposits and withdrawals are allowed during the time of Competition and will not affect traders’ PNL calculations.


7. The prizes will be given to winners as per September 7, 8pm UTC results in BTC at the price at the time within 10 working days after the end of the Competition.


8. It is strictly prohibited for traders to register multiple accounts to participate in this Competition. Once found, they will be disqualified and their accounts will be banned.


9. BTCMEX has the right of final interpretation of the Competition rules.