Bitcoin named the second major investment opportunity after the Tesla stock. Hackers hide malware behind Kobe Bryant images, and more. News of this week of January 27 – February 2 by BTCMEX.

The Bull Run is here

Bitcoin price reached $9,500. Cryptocurrency analysts and famous crypto influencers declared the 2020 bull run. Trading cryptocurrencies, to their opinions, became one of the largest trading opportunities recently.

The crypto community is anticipating the Bitcoin halving in May 2020, which will significantly affect the BTC/USD price.

Hackers hide mining script in Kobe Bryant’s pictures

The helicopter crash that took lives of NBA all-time great Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old daughter lead to increased interest in the star on the web. Microsoft Security Intelligence reported that hackers are hiding malicious HTML code containing a malicious script in desktop wallpapers featuring Bryant.

The Microsoft team found the malicious HTML file, with its Defender Virus Protection software. The coin mining script was disguised as a desktop wallpaper featuring an image of Bryant. The website hosting the coin miner has already been blocked by the software.

Silk Road leader found guilty

Roger Thomas Clark, senior adviser to the operator of the Silk Road – dark web marketplace – has pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics in a Manhattan federal court.

The Silk Road marketplace facilitated drug trafficking since 2011. Bitcoin-based payment system was eventually closed by the FBI, but recent investigations suggest that the use of cryptocurrencies on dark web markets doubled last year.

A huge Ponzi scheme shut in Europe

A $6.64 million Bitcoin and gold fraud was brought down by French, Belgian and Israeli investigators. Authorities arrested nine suspects connected with the scam in 2019.

Europol and Eurojust reported that the investigation started in 2018. The crime was organized by a French-Israeli citizen. The fraudsters promised significant returns for the victims’ investment in what appears to have been a Ponzi scheme.

Twitter decentralized protocol revealed

In the end of 2019, Jack Dorsey – the founder and CEO of Twitter, announced the launch of a new research group that aims to bring decentralization into social media.

Dorsey announced a new team dubbed Bluesky, to work on decentralized social media standards. He also stated that decentralized protocols can solve this type of misalignment by economically incentivizing participants to create fair rules, manage engagement, and prioritize network stability.