Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange platform BTCMEX made its public debut hosting the Fintech Conference on Innovative Applications. The event took place in the Grand Metropark Hotel in Beijing on October 17, 2019. The highlight of the Conference came when Li Xiaolai, China’s famous Bitcoin tycoon and blockchain venture investor, publicly expressed his support and announced he personally invested in, despite his earlier 2018 decision of retiring from crypto. Li also expressed high hopes about the start-up entering the big crypto game.

Guests from well-known Fintech and blockchain companies among which AI technology company TuringSense, top search engine enterprise Baidu, the US Apache Foundation’s top project Pulsar, leading security blockchain company SlowMist, attended the conference. The associates discussed the application of blockchain technology in the Exchange.

At the event, Li Xiaolai explained his original intention to invest in BTCMEX and shared his optimistic beliefes in the company’s future. He admitted that for a new industry it takes at least 30 years to make a difference on the market. Considering this, the impact of the blockchain on the financial world is only at its dawn and has enormous room to grow. In his opinion, futures Exchanges, that provide risk hedging for the Bitcoin spot market, are obviously the core tool in the industry. Derivatives are already in high demand from cryptocurrency investors. These market prospectives drove Li Xiaolai to invest in BTCMEX.

Li Xiaolai also believes that security is the most important feature of the Exchange. He assured the reliability of BTCMEX, which has one of the world’s top security backgrounds.

The angel investor also cleared doubts of those who might not believe he invested in the new company by saying: “In 2018 there were too many projects which announced they were funded by Li Xiaolai. And they grew even more famous after I explained the situation. So, I made a rule to attend events hosted/sponsored by my projects to confirm my support. I, Li Xiaolai, did participate in creating and became the main investor of BTCMEX, that’s why I’m here today”.

BTCMEX will provide a x100 Leverage Perpetual Contracts, boast 100,000 Transactions per second (TPS), prepared hundreds of API keys for professionals, and offer 24×7 localized multi-language Customer Support. BTCMEX can be accessed globally, is available on android and IOS, and provides free videos, seminars, articles, infographics, news, and much more.

Senior Marketing Director of BTCMEX, Kerel Verwaerde, revealed the product’s advantages and company values. He highlighted that BTCMEX is a new Exchange aiming to use innovations to bring the cryptocurrency market to a new, safer, and more professional level.

An Exchange is only as good as its liquidity. Kerel assured that BTCMEX has 100% real liquidity in contrast to many Exchanges in the industry which decided to show inflated volume. Fair trade, prevention of internal intervention, and excellent settlement system are some of the values of the Exchange. BTCMEX uses Dual Price mechanism, with Index Price based on BTC/USD prices of Bitstamp, Coinbase and Kraken, which prevents market manipulations.

To ensure high security standards BTCMEX teamed up with two world-renowned digital security organizations in Russia and China. The platform also puts clients’ funds on a Multi-Signature Cold Wallet, which is currently the highest level of protection in the industry.