Chinese industries suffer from the fight with coronavirus, Australia releases crypto roadmap, Bitcoin price hits USD 10,000. News of February 3-9 by BTCMEX.

BTC/USD hits $10,000

Exchanges colored green. Bitcoin price surpassed USD 10,000 on February 9, for the first time since October last year.

The move was predicted and expected by traders earlier. Altcoins grew in value as well which is explained by the current stability of the blockchain industry and fundamentals of the market.

Coronavirus: China stops mining

The major Chinese crypto mine stopped all the operations because of the pneumonia coronavirus outbreak. All the businesses around the country were affected by measures taken to prevent the spreading threat. Since late January, the Chinese government has taken a series of measurements to keep the situation under control.

A mining farm, in particular, is being forced to shut down during the epidemic. There’s no official information about the exact quarantine control period in the country. Yet due to the outbreak of the virus, companies such as Bitmain,  Canaan, and MicroBT have published notices on their websites of delays in their after-sale services until Feb 10. 

Australia released the National Blockchain Roadmap

The Australian government launched the national blockchain strategy on Friday, February 7, releasing the document on its official website. The country’s Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology and Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Investment announced it back in March 2019.

The new policy aims to make Australia’s blockchain industry one of the leading in the world with the focus on the wine industry, banking, and finance as the key priority sectors.

Japan tries to keep the balance

Feeling the threat of Chinese economic domination with the digital yuan project, Japanese authorities pulled the US to include digital currencies in the 2020 G7 agenda.

Japanese lawmakers are feeling the pressure of China’s strident moves forward with its national digital currency project, which was reported to be launched in the upcoming spring 2020. The event might lead to the global economic reset and pushing the American dollar away from its position of the global currency.