Cryptocurrencies are not numbers and charts only. There are dedicated people with their fascinating stories behind them. There are futuristic ideas powered by the newest technologies coming to life right before our eyes. There’s even more to come! In this section we offer to go beyond digits and candles into the fascinating narrative of the new smart world.

World gone Virtual

Quarantined? Go digital! The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has certainly redefined everyday life, as education, hospitality, retail, finance, art and socializing entered a digital narrative. Blended reality and the role of blockchain in it explained in BTCMEX Blog.


The birth of Bitcoin inspired innovations and created the crypto world. Ethereum smart contracts expanded possibilities for DeFi – Decentralized Finance. What is DeFi and what to expect from the new decentralized decade? BTCMEX explains and predicts!

Will USD tap out with the Global Reset?

Welcome to Futures Friday – a weekly blog article about upcoming events, recent breakthroughs and current innovations in Fintech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Our world is changing with crypto reshaping traditional finance, and becoming one of the key players in the global economic arena. Get a glimpse of the future together with BTCMEX.

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