Kickstart your Bitcoin trading with the 50% Initial Deposit Bonus!

Get up to 0.05 BTC in Trading Bonus

Get up to 0.05 BTC
in Trading Bonus!



BTCMEX offers you a chance to elevate your crypto margin trading experience with the new Kickstart Bonus. We give 50% of the first deposit as a Trading Bonus up to 0.1 Bitcoin, which can be used to open positions, cover trading fees, funding, possible losses, and even avoid forced liquidation. No KYC is required to apply.



1. All registered BTCMEX users can apply.

2. The 50% Bonus is granted for making the first deposit on BTCMEX.

3. There is no minimum deposit requirement.

4. The Kickstart Bonus will only be sent for the initial deposit and can only be claimed once per person.

5. Only the deposit of up to 0.1 BTC is eligible for the 50% Bonus. Any larger deposit amount will result in getting 50% of 0.1 BTC, or 0.05 BTC, which is the largest Bonus amount.

6. The Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but any profits can be withdrawn anytime without KYC.

7. The Bonus can be used to make trades, offset fees, and cover trading losses once the deposit is used up.

8. It is not recommended to withdraw your deposit as the Bonus will be proportionally forfeited.

9. Users can apply for only one Bonus Program within BTCMEX. You are not eligible for the Kickstart Bonus if you’re already trading with another deal from BTCMEX.

10. Any malicious behavior, such as multi-account registrations, will result in the immediate forfeiture of the Bonus and any profits made from all accounts.

– How long does it take to get the Kickstart Bonus?

– The BTCMEX Team will try its best to make a deposit to your account within 24 hours.

– I’m already an active BTCMEX user, can I get the Bonus?

– No, the Kickstart Bonus is designed for users who make their first deposit and don’t participate in any other Bonus programs on BTCMEX.

– Can I deposit more than 0.1 Bitcoin?

– Yes, there’s no deposit limitation, but the maximum Kickstart Bonus amount granted is 50% of 0.1 BTC, or 0.05 BTC.

– Can I withdraw the Bonus?

– No, the Bonus is not withdrawable. You can withdraw the profits from trading with it any time without losing the Bonus, cover trading fees, funding, and possible losses.

– Can I withdraw the initial deposit?

– Yes, but the Bonus will be reduced proportionally. For example, if you withdraw 0.04 BTC, your Bonus will be reduced by 0.02 BTC. Withdrawing the profits made while trading or any deposit over the initial 0.1 BTC will not affect the Bonus.

– Do I need to verify my account to get the Bonus?

– No, KYC is not required to get the Kickstart Bonus. It’s also not necessary for withdrawals up to 1 BTC.

1. Make your first deposit on BTCMEX

2. Go to “Account information and security” and copy your User ID

3. Send us your UID via email

4. Enjoy your trades!


Please, note! Only your User ID is needed for the Bonus application. For security reasons, don’t share your Bitcoin wallet address, keys, or any of BTCMEX passwords with anybody, including the Customer Support.

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