Smart Contract

Smart Contracts: A computer protocol on a blockchain that regulates the terms of an agreement between two parties. The contract is controlled by the code and is only triggered by the circumstance of execution, which eliminates the third party from participation.


Ethereum: An open-source network with its own Internet browser, a coding language built on a decentralized blockchain which serves as a platform for building applications (DApp). Ethereum has its native cryptocurrency – Ether (ETH).


The birth of Bitcoin inspired innovations and created the crypto world. Ethereum smart contracts expanded possibilities for DeFi – Decentralized Finance. What is DeFi and what to expect from the new decentralized decade? BTCMEX explains and predicts!

New Year’s Special: the Decade of Crypto

Did you know the word “blockchain” was first used in 2010? Since Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, we entered a decade that truly can be called a crypto decade. Today, turning the page to 2020, let’s recap the crypto benchmarks and look at the major events of 10 years in the decentralized world.