The BTCMEX Team is thrilled to announce we launched our Official Blog!

Welcome to the BTCMEX Blog, which is the part of crypto derivatives exchange. Here you will find all the essential information about our Bitcoin Perpetual Contract trading platform, corporate news and announcements, the latest product updates, as well as digital assets trading fundamentals and technical analysis.

According to our corporate vision and the strong will to contribute to the growth of the evolving industry of cryptocurrencies, we created and plan to expand the BTCMEX Codex to improve, explain, and simplify crypto-related definitions. In the news section, you can find recent crypto price movements, breaking news, and weekly digests covering Bitcoin and altcoins, DEFI projects, mining, and traditional finance. 

The BTCMEX Blog takes cryptocurrency beyond charts and digits! To make the journal as engaging and inclusive as possible we are providing the Easy Reads – fascinating stories about both the dawn of blockchain and the breakthroughs that are yet to reshape our future.  

BTCMEX Blog answers the questions What is crypto? How to crypto? Why crypto? and gives the full specter of reliable and trustworthy content to understand and enjoy crypto for pro-traders, hodlers and newcomers. 

Start your journey by exploring the Bitcoin halving news!