Quarantined? Go digital! The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has certainly redefined everyday life, as education, hospitality, retail, finance, art and socializing entered a digital narrative. Blended reality and the role of blockchain in it explained in BTCMEX Blog.

Beyond Zoom

No surprise that Zoom stocks, as well as many communication-related tokens, have reportedly surged significantly last week. People are locked at their homes all over the world, washing their hands, enjoying home-made meals or local deliveries, shopping online, studying online, joining workout streams, constantly posting on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and of course working from home! The technological reality of 2020 has quickly adapted to the current demands amid the coronavirus outbreak that has put the whole world on the lockdown.

Companies, employees and service providers started to re-thinking the communication between colleagues to make it as productive, creative and comfortable as possible. Virtual reality (VR) offers here a strong alternative to traditional Skype or Zoom calls and conferences. Face-to-face calls made a huge breakthrough by giving people access to non-verbal elements of communication. The technology today offers even more by literally reshaping the world around us!

With platforms like MeetinVR, ENGAGE, or meetingRoom there are opportunities to collaborate in a custom-made real-time environment, use 3D objects and interactive whiteboards, record the content and revisit sessions. Tools provided by Sketchbox and Softspace are incredibly useful for storyboarding and collaborative design. SYMMETRY helps architecture professionals with 3D modeling and 1:1 scaling.


These words welcome guests to the crypto art experience – the collaborative exhibition featuring creations of 50+ contemporary artists. Who said no gatherings allowed? The space is designed on the VR platform Cryptovoxels. Citadel 6.15, hosted by Ryan Colditz (@Coldie), is an in-brows art gallery, which allows to explore installations, chat, buy artwork with cryptocurrency and reach to the artists directly.


Citadel 6.15

“One of the things that makes #cryptoart so special is that it isn’t just a project. It is a bunch of projects and people all doing things to make it what it is. It is the first truly global art movement, not originating from a particular place at a particular time. #unique.” – shares with us Sparrow (@blackboxdotart).

Get out while you stay in is going live here, and is free to visit March 27-29, 2020.

The tools that make such projects possible are platforms Cryptovoxels and Decentraland – virtual worlds that consist of plots – tokenized parcels of digital real estate, where creators can host and monetize content. They are powered by NTF – non-fungible tokens. NTF is a special type of cryptographic tokens that represent something unique. ERC-721 on Ethereum blockchain is an intersection of the digital and physical world of gaming, art, events, music.

The virtual world offers new possibilities, which are worth exploring due to the corona lockdown. Consensus 2020 – one of the major cryptocurrency and blockchain events – announced that it’ll be hosted completely virtually free of charge.

So, go beyond Netflix and Zoom, and stay safe! Read further about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on blockchain and cryptocurrency in BTCMEX Blog.